EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW situation on Armenia on the 11 of july 2021

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW situation on Armenia on the 11 of july 2021

The international mainstream medias, as you may know, are not talking enough about what is happening in Armenia right now.

Our brothers, the Orthodox Christians are threatened by the turks.

The situation is very critical.

Ordo Jehanne Libertate is lucky enough to get a contact in Armenia : I.R.

Here is the last exclusive news :

OJL : Hello I.R. Thank you very much for giving us, some fresh feed back, about what is happening in Armenia, right now.

I.R : Hello.

OJL : Many people do not know, what is the problems in Armenia. Your country is invaded am i right ?

I.R : In some ways I can say yes it is.

OJL : What is the answer of the Armenian politicians about that ?

I.R : They say and do nothing at all, just stupidly lying about the good relations with the turks in the future and starting diplomatic and trade relations with them.

OJL : What about Russia ?

I.R : Russia is considered as our ally and in theory should do anything to not allow turkish expansion on their friendly country’s territory.

In reality the russians considering oil and tomato trading with the turks as a priority and so we are just used as a playing card to them, and to say that simply, they just betrayed their last ally in the name of trading relations with the turks.

OJL : Here, in France, many people see Russia like a big brother. Like, right now, Russia, is the only protector of Christians. By the way, many French are watching « Sputnik news ».

Because in Europe, we are clearly invaded and our politicians are not doing anything too.

Do you think that Russia is not the savior, some of us think he is ?

I.R : No Russia is not a savior at all. The russians only help the group of people or countries with whom they have good trade relations and interests.

OJL : Is their any country that can help Armenia ?

I.R : I think yes as EU countries and the USA offered many times, many kinds of help, for us.

OJL : So your politicians don’t want the help of those countries ?

I.R : They may don’t or they are forced to not take that help, as they have close ties with Kremlin and the turks.

OJL : The communist party is not helping i guess ?

I.R : The communists always were and stay enemies to us.

Once our territories were much larger than today.

Do you remember the pact between the turks and communists in 1921?

The communists hanged over the whole Western Armenia to the turks as a bonus in return to win some turkish friendship and Turkey’s membership in the USSR.

OJL : On the last elections, the Patriots in Armenia, received 1,6% of the votes ? How can it be explained ?

I.R : There are many reasons why.

First, the patriots are hated by the government, opposition, the russians and the turks..

As you know, they have powerful resources of propaganda such as social media, TV, press etc…

They are obsessed to call our patriots « nazis, american agents, traitors » etc..

The second reason is that the patriots aren’t so rich guys and unable to spread the right ideas among the youth and the rest of the people without the appropriate amount of money.

OJL : Ya. So this is basically the same thing in France.

Insults everytime by calling us « fascists » or « nazis ».

And not enough money to fight on the media area.

By the way, you may have heard, that for the next Presidential election in France, there may be 2 candidates. Marine Le Pen, who have an old party but a big one.

And a newcomer, a jewish journalist, Eric Zemmour.

My question is : Is Israel an ally of Armenia ?

I.R : Israel ? No it’s not our ally, they are helping the azeriturks with anything, the weapons, trade and diplomatic relations etc…

OJL : Well, it is interesting. Because for our French eyes, the things are less complex. Thank you for those enlightments.

Is the Armenian diaspora, aware of what is happening ? Or they are brainwashed too ?

I.R : The diaspora is more aware of all those things, only the russian part of the diaspora is, in a way, brainwashed because of the Russian propaganda mixed with the turkish one too.

OJL : So… I see all of those informations are indeed very… Terrible.

I have not a lot of other questions.

Only one : do you pray ?

In such a terrible situation, does it help you ?

Do you receive signs of hope sometimes ?

I.R : When I can, I do so. As these events drive me mad it’s hard to pray.

OJL : May Mary be with you. Be safe.

I.R : Thank you so much.

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